Snippets and other bits

Random snippets that I've found useful and might be useful to others.

Using the CIDER debugger in Evil

When using evil and CIDER together, you might find that rebinding the keys required to control the debugger is a pain. Luckily, you don’t actually have to, you can just enter insert mode instead:

Keeping a constant record of text written

If ever I’m writing a chunk of text that will change a lot over time, I like to use this script to make sure I have a constant record of what has changed over time. Combined with your equivelent of git-timemachine, it’s really handy for looking back at progression or finding where you might have gone wrong. 🙂

Widescreen emacs and vertical splits

On a widescreen monitor, especially the really wide ones, it’s nice to have only vertical splits. This snippet will give bias to vertical splits:

Having Smartparens commands work with Evil-mc

As described here, when using evil-mc, it’s very frustrating when a Smartparens command works on only the first of the multiple cursors. Here’s how to fix that: